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All counsellors, psychotherapists and group therapists require supervision as an essential part of their professional life. At our centre we can provide supervision for a range of approaches, specialist areas, and in a range of formats.

For example, we have practitioners who are trained and accredited in humanistic, cognitive behavioural and psychoanalytic traditions. Each of these in turn covers a range of theoretical orientations. Our interests range from Bandura, Beck, Ellis, Rogers, Perls, Berne, Moreno, Freud, Klein, Winnicott, Kohut and Lacan to name but a few.

You may require a supervisor who has extensive experience in a key area, such as anxiety, addictions, depression, eating disorders, trauma, or working with children and teenagers. Some of our practitioners have been in practice over 20 years, and have lectured, researched and published in these areas.

Finally, according to your needs, supervision may need to be more frequent and one-to-one, or you might share time with a colleague, or even find a supervision group more stimulating.
This is different from either therapy or supervision, as it involves counsellors and psychotherapists reflecting on their careers. This is an occasional form of support and can be most useful:

– when initially planning a training/entry into the profession

– contemplating moving into private practice

– coping with life changes that impinge on one's career

– reviewing on career to date, with the possibility of initiating changes in focus/direction
We recognize that many trainees on counselling and psychotherapy courses are required to undertake periods of professional development, or personal therapy. This can range from a minimum requirement of hours of contact, through to several times a week for a number of years. A number of our therapists are already approved by training organisations and professional bodies to undertake such work, and already have a considerable amount of experience in this field.

Sometimes practitioners will return to personal therapy later in their careers. This can provide an opportunity to look at issues that may be arising in life, and which could impact on the work sphere. Sometimes therapists find it very valuable to take additional periods of therapy/personal development from a different theoretical perspective throughout their careers, and the therapy counts as valuable CPD (continued professional development) points.
At Abbotsford we offer a wide range of training opportunities in each of the modalities and theoretical orientations we represent. We specialise in introductory courses, and courses and workshops fulfilling post qualifying CPD requirements. Courses cover:

– theoretical concepts

– clinical concepts

– applied areas eg working with abuse, addiction, relationship difficulties

– professional issues eg changes in legislation

– therapist management and care eg dealing with stress

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